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History of Iranian tile

Tile comes from the ancient art of pottery. Pottery was first used in Iran about 10,000 years BC ,And Iran was the first country to introduce this art to the world.
The production of ceramic tiles in this land started from the early stages and with basic methods from about 1250 years B.C with the production of all kinds of glazed bricks, decorative tiles and enamel.This art was developed day by day till now where there is a variety of tile, ceramic and porcelain.

Iran as one of the leading countries in the tile and ceramic industry in the world with a great background and more than 150 factories producing all different sizes, glaze, and a variety of design. In all price ranges and different qualities.There are many great factories such as Tabriz, Marjan, Alvand , Saadi, and many more.Kashiland works with most of these factories as their distributor trying to provide you with exactly what you need .Other than being one of the leading countries, Iran is famous for its specially designed tiles that are called 7 colored tile used in unique places such as mosques and palaces.

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(A picture of the first-ever tile that was made in Iran-

Kashiland’s Logo was inspired by this piece of art. )

Differences between tile ,ceramic and porcelain:


Tile is one of the most important and most used materials used in buildings. The use of tiles in different fields can have many features and be very useful for people.One of the most important uses of tile can be mentioned as wall covering and floor covering.These products are used according to their various capabilities.The higher the quality of the tile, the easier and faster it can be installed and you will have a better outcome.We can also name beauty as one of the tile features.Tiles  in general can create great changes in a building.Tile can be considered one of the most important materials in the world of construction.You can use tiles in different fields and use them well.Tiles are used in all kinds of indoor spaces, including bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, etc.You should keep in mind that the variety of tiles is suitable for different uses.Due to the quality of these products, the variety of available designs and colors can be used well.Due to today's technologies, many different designs and colors can be manufactured and used today.

You can find all different  types of tile with all different prices on Kashiland.

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The word ceramic comes from the Greek word κέραμος (keramos) used to describe potter's clay, tile, or pottery.Ceramics are used in various industries such as construction, automotive, casting, electrical, and chemical industries. In the construction industry, ceramics are the most suitable covering for the floor of sanitary spaces. Among them is ceramic for the floor of the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and all spaces.Mostly used It wet areas.Ceramics can be used in any element that is in contact with water. Because of its physical and chemical properties, sometimes ceramic will be used to cover the internal and external walls of the building. The most important ceramics used in construction are slab or large-size ceramics.ceramics are also used in the facade.The facade of the building is one of the important parts of the building and the ceramics used in it affect the design and architecture of the building. Large-size ceramics are used in the facade of the building. The use of these ceramics in the facade of the building can be examined from the aspects of beauty and decoration, strength against weather, resistance to chemicals, and easier cleaning.The price of ceramics is very reasonable considering their variety and the buyer can easily buy it.

You can find all different types of ceramic with all different prices on Kashiland.

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The main use of porcelain is in the floor and facade of buildings.The very high resistance, waterproof, and anti-scratch properties of these products have made them very popular to use in residential and commercial buildings. Also, the high chemical resistance of porcelain ceramics has made them a suitable option to use in hospitals and laboratories.Slab porcelains are very trending now days as well  there are used in places with the most traffic (bathrooms, kitchens, hospital waiting rooms, large company halls, and living rooms). One of the features of porcelain slabs is their long life and easy maintenance and cleaning conditions. The use of this type of porcelain can bring many benefits to the user. These types of porcelains are very diverse. In general, the use of porcelain slabs will be cost-effective for the consumer due to their large size, reasonable price, and faster installation speed.

Without limitation, porcelains can used everywhere such as:

 Residential areas


 Instead of stairs and counters,

 Exterior and interior views,

 Sidewalks and areas as flooring are more resistant than mosaics and stones,

 Departments companies and organizations,


Schools and colleges,

Shopping centers and exhibitions,


 Hospitals and health centers at all levels,

 Restaurants and coffee shops,


Cultural, artistic, sports, and entertainment centers

 And wherever you want.

You can find all different  types of porcelains with all different prices on Kashiland.

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About us

Artam Sarina Mandegar

After years of continuous activity in the field of tiles and ceramics and construction sanitary ware in the traditional market of Iran and with the increasing growth of technology and the increase of optimal communication ways to provide products and information in a new way according to the needs of the Iranian audience, Looking for a way to use this platform as best as possible.

Iran's proud background in the field of tile and ceramic production and Iran's achievement of the fourth rank in the world in tile and ceramic production, along with the rapid growth of the market capacity to provide products in the virtual space, created additional motivations in me in such a way as to follow my peers and I searched for new information on the Internet for a long time.

The lack of reliable information and a suitable space to share my ideas, questions, learnings, and experiences in this field made me think of creating a comprehensive portal with a completely specialized approach to the tile and ceramic industry and other construction materials of the same rank.

A portal for all those interested in the tile and ceramic market of Iran and even the world, which will satisfy all our needs in different fields.

history kashiland history kashiland

Kashiland is the biggest specialized portal of tile, ceramic, and construction industry, where you can find most of your construction needs at the greatest prices.Working with big brands as their distributor.There are many different ways to find tiles, ceramics, and your other construction needs, but we have made it easy for you to find all you need here at Kashiland with reasonable prices .We manufacture and supply all types of Iranian tile, ceramic, and porcelain in all sizes and prices from all around Iran, from Yazd to Qazvin.We work as a wholesaler and retailer.That’s why you can find the best prices with us.On our website, we provide you with all different kinds of services,  such as wholesales, retail, in-person sales, and online shopping services for your personal use or your business.From faucets to chemical building materials, From tile, ceramic and porcelain to installation materials.Manufacturing personalized design tile and can find all building accessories and materials on our website such as bathtubs, shower cabins, jacuzzi tubs, and sanitary ware accessories.Working with the best brands in the industry, providing high-quality services with the greatest prices.Working internationally with projects and retailers around the world.Kashiland is the biggest portal and online website in this industryat  Kashiland you can find all types of tile, ceramic, porcelain, faucets, tile adhesive, building chemicals and sanitary wear from all the best brands in the industry.Kashiland Works Its best  to provide you with high-quality services and the greatest prices and great online shopping experience in this great industry.

To buy Iranian ceramic and tile and other products send a message to this number +989300156862 via WhatsApp, so that our experts respond to you in the shortest possible time.

Soon, Kashiland will publish its English version website so that users can easily benefit from the services of our website.

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